Application Of The Client Server Based Fifo Method In Raw Material Information Systems


  • Agus Waryanto
  • Rohmad Haryadi


Raw Material Inventory Information System FIFO Method


In conducting research, the author used descriptive methods by utilizing quantitative and qualitative data as sources of information. The research design used includes primary data and secondary data designs. The selected data collection techniques include field research techniques such as interviews and observations, as well as library research techniques which include study and analysis of various relevant data sources in several related books. In presenting raw material inventory reports, currently manual recording is still used with inventory cards and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 software. Therefore, in developing a new information system, a system will be created that includes the creation of data flow diagrams (DFD), entity diagrams. relations (ERD), normalization, context diagrams, and physical design such as output and database design. From the research results, it can be concluded that the system used by CV. Adi Sejahtera Bandung has several weaknesses, especially in recording raw material transactions manually which is less efficient, prone to errors, and causes delays in the sales process due to goods information being slow to access. Therefore, the author recommends the use of a computerized raw material inventory information system to help management control inventory transactions by improving the report structure and creating standardized reports to increase work efficiency and effectiveness.


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