Application Of GIS To Mapping Service Center Geographic Information Systems Using The Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Method


  • Hendri Rasminto
  • Kasih Purwantini


Decision Support Systems, SAW, R & D, GIS, Service Center


A decision support system is a system that helps managers or groups of managers in solving semi-structured problems by providing information or suggestions to reach certain decisions. This system design follows the R&D (Research and Development) method approach described by Borg & Gall (1983:775), and uses the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method for calculations. The criteria considered include the number of customers, location crowd level, road accessibility, security, and development potential. This application was developed using the PHP programming language, with MySql as the database, and using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Apache. PT. Eltra Aneka Tehnik Semarang faced challenges in choosing the right location to build a service center. Company leaders find it difficult because there are many factors that need to be considered so that development is not in vain and can overcome company problems. This decision support system helps leaders determine the optimal location for the service center through accurate calculations and integration with the Geographic Information System (GIS) which allows online location designation. The calculation results show that Tunjungan Elektronik Center has the highest score with 97.00, followed by ITC Mega Grosir (87.00), Galaxy Mall (86.00), Delta Plaza (85.00), Hi-tech Mall (84.00 ), and Citra World Surabaya (83.00). Therefore, the chosen alternative is Tunjungan Elektronik Center with the highest score of 97.00.


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