Application Of Research And Development Methods To Savings And Loans Information Management


  • Siswo Handoyo
  • Suhardianto Suhardianto


Loan system, cooperative, Vb6


Effective use of information technology will have a positive impact on companies, such as increasing productivity, work efficiency, and significant benefits in facing fierce business competition, as experienced by the Kawi Mandiri Sentosa Cooperative. This technology enables fast and accurate data processing, as well as timely presentation of information, which in turn will make it easier for companies to make the right decisions. Kawi Mandiri Sentosa Cooperative offers various fund products such as Voluntary Deposits and Time Deposits, as well as credit products such as Monthly Loans and Term Loans. This company's operational process involves a savings section and a credit loan section. In the case of deposit transactions, data can be recorded in the customer's proof of deposit and automatically stored in the computer. Likewise with loan transactions, data on computers can be accessed with certainty and accuracy. The author is determined to develop a multiuser savings and loan accounting information system, using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 software.


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