Mobile-Based Application Design For Student Discipline System Using SMS Gateway


  • Inggrid Ruth


rules, SMS Gateway, Web Mobile


At SMA Swadaya Surabaya, the administrative system for managing rules still uses semi-manual methods. This includes recording and creating reports which are done manually using the Ms. Office, as well as notification of student violations to parents which can only be done by post. This condition often causes errors in recording student code violations due to a lack of consistency between the daily recording of violations by students and the reports made by the Counseling Agency (BK). Apart from that, the process of making monthly reports also takes quite a long time, and communication between schools and parents regarding student violations is difficult. Based on these problems, this research aims to develop a student discipline administration system using SMS Gateway. This system was built using the PHP programming language and MySQL Server database. The system development stages follow the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) approach, which includes system planning, system analysis, system design, and implementation. The result of this research is a Web-Mobile based student discipline administration system with SMS Gateway which can help the process of recording and making reports quickly and accurately. This system also facilitates communication between schools and parents regarding student violations at school.


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