Implementation Of Microtic Prototypes In RW Networks


  • Vicky Mahendra


Prototyping, Mikrotik, Windows operating system


The Internet is the main option available, albeit at a relatively high cost, to meet their information needs. However, expensive monthly fees for internet connections are an obstacle in themselves. Even though CDMA and GSM modems are widely available on the market, the internet connection speeds they offer are still not sufficient. Existing internet cafes are also not able to efficiently handle the costs and time of internet users in the area. Therefore, the aim of this research is to reduce monthly bandwidth rental costs so that you can get a stable unlimited internet connection for 24 hours a day, with data transfer managed through bandwidth management, thereby improving the quality of the internet connection. The system development method used is Prototyping, which includes steps such as identifying user needs, creating a prototype, getting user approval, and using the prototype. As a server, Mikrotik OS is used which has various important features such as bandwidth management, firewall, DNS client caching, and other features provided by Mikrotik. The use of Mikrotik provides stability in internet data transfer in accordance with the management of the Mikrotik OS as a server. Meanwhile, users (clients) use Windows-based operating systems because the device drivers used are more compatible with Windows than Linux-based operating systems, which require a more complicated driver compilation process.


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