Combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) And Pattern Matching Methods In Virtual Teacher Design


  • Tri Susanti


virtual teacher, natural language processing


This research aims to create a virtual teacher application that combines natural language processing (NLP) and pattern matching methods to help students learn independently without direct guidance from the teacher. The author made teachers in Pedurungan District, Semarang City, the focus of the research, with research participants consisting of students in grades 7, 8 and 9 in the area. The NLP method is used as a tool to enable applications to interact in the learning process with students using Indonesian. With the addition of the pattern matching method, the virtual teacher application can group questions asked by students based on their type, helping to solve similar problems but with a different approach. The result of this research is a virtual teacher application that has features for creating material, composing questions, and providing answers, provided that the material and questions are available in the application database. Teachers in Pedurungan District, Semarang City can contribute by adding or modifying information in the application.


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